Explore Georgia's Natural Sauces
Narsharab Ajika
Tkemali Satsebeli

Georgian Cuisine, one of the richest in the world, is unimaginable without numerous sauces.

It is self-evident for Georgians that taste of any food should be underlined by proper dressing or gravy. And the more diverse is the dressing, the better it is – not only every Georgian province, but also every Georgian cook may boast possession of distinctive recipes for preparing the unique sauces.

Company offers selection of barbecue dressings, including Pomegranate, Red chilly, Tomato and various types of Wild Plum sauces that are bringing forth the taste of your meal, not mentioning making it more wholesome.

All of Georgia's Natural Sauces are made of the best fruit and vegetables, combining relish in food with benefits.

Packing Configuration

  200 ml bottles / 250 gr Netto
Packing 200 ml TO Glass bottle × 20 per case
Case dimensions 22.5 cm × 29 cm × 17 cm
Case gross weight 8.4 kg
*20 ft container
loading configuration
48,000 bottles / 2,400 cases
Total Gross Weight / Volume 20,160 kg / 28 M3