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In Georgia wide selection of different fruit and berries are found, but among these our preference is given to the most wholesome ones, those that couple pleasure with benefit. Healthy fruit of the kind, or as it is conventionally called these days, super-fruit, is recognized according to following criteria: First and foremost, nutrient proportion and antioxidant properties. Joint efforts of the medical researchers, physicians and nutritionists all over the world continually bring forth more useful properties of these "fruit of the future".

Georgia's Natural Juices are produced from local raw materials. The clean and beneficent environment of Georgia ensures high quality and natural characteristics of our products. Most of the processed fruit and berries are harvested on plantations belonging to the company, or are collected in wild nature. In both cases raw materials are cultivated without the aid of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. And this in turn gives to the juices truly natural aroma and taste.

Pleasure With Benefit

High quality of ingredients is matched by the expertise of years of industry experience. Our production philosophy strives to uphold the image of healthy natural products by avoiding any use of food additives for colouring, flavour-enhancing or preservation purposes. The final products reflect this ideology of pure, natural juices and celebrate the organic taste of fruits; just the way they occur in Nature.

Company's priority lies with production of the following 100% natural, ecological Georgia's Natural Juices: Pomegranate, Bilberry, Mulberry, Blackberry, Sour Cherry, Wild Plum, Cornel and Quince Juices. Also we carry mixed Pomegranate based juices such as Pomegranate/Bilberry, Pomegranate/Mulberry, Pomegranate/Strawberry, Pomegranate/Raspberry, Pomegranate/Sour Cherry, Pomegranate/Blackberry, Pomegranate/Wild Plum and Pomegranate/Cocktail.

Georgia's Natural Juices produced out of 100% fresh fruits and berries, No Concentrate is being used in production.

They contain

  • No Added Sugar
  • No Preservatives
  • No Artificial Flavouring
  • No Colour Additives
  • No Chemicals


In order to ensure the full safety of storage, consumption and the same time preserve the healthy properties, the Georgia's Natural Juice is pasteurized and bottled in glass. Consequently, the shelf life of the product reaches up to 2 years, the juice doesn't require addition of preservatives and the containers can be stored at the ambient temperature.

You can choose 200 ml (6.8 Fl Oz) bottle – "A Little", bigger one — "For Me" containing 314 ml (10.6 Fl Oz), or — "For Us" bottle filled by 1 L (33.8 Fl Oz) of finest Georgia's Natural Juice.

Bottle lids are enhanced with safety buttons, eliminating even slightest chance of inappropriate product to customers.

Packing Configuration

  1L bottles 314 ml bottles 200 ml bottles
Packing 1 L TO Glass bottle × 12 per case 314 ml TO Glass bottle × 20 per case 200 ml TO Glass bottle × 20 per case
Case dimensions 29 cm × 39.5 cm × 26 cm 32,5 × 25,5 × 19,5 cm 29 cm × 23 cm × 17 cm
Case gross weight 18.95 kg 12.0 kg 7.7 kg
*20 ft container
loading configuration
12,300 bottles / 1,025 cases 33,340 bottles / 1,667 cases 52,000 bottles / 2,600 cases
Total Gross Weight / Volume 19,424 kg / 30 M3 20,004 kg / 24 M3 20,020 kg / 28 M3
*40 ft container
loading configuration
16,500 bottles / 1,375 cases 43,320 bottles / 2,166 cases 65,200 bottles / 3,260 cases
Total Gross Weight / Volume 26,057 kg / 42 M3 25,992 kg / 31 M3 25,000 kg / 35.1 M3